Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Source Code 2011 - Imdb Review #245

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rating - 9/10

I heard about this movie as a good one from a friend and decided to give it a watch. I thought it would be just another action movie with some computers stuff involved,obviously judging by the name of the movie. The movie starts out with Jake Gyllenhal as Colonel Colter Stevens, being in a Chicago commuter train. He is not sure of how he came there and he does not recognize the girl talking to him. Soon to his astonishment, he finds that he is living as someone other person. Before he understands anything, the train blows up and he finds himself in a pod. And he is being briefed that he was in a mission and he needs to undergo the same till he finds the bomber, so that he can stop yet another explosion in the REAL WORLD!

So, what world is he in? Is he alive? There pops numerous questions in his mind. And he finds that Captain who is briefing him is reluctant to give answers that he needs. Source code, the artificial world he is in, comes from the concepts of Quantum physics and parallel universe theory. He is living the last eight minutes of a guy who died in the train accident already. Soon he realizes that he is already almost dead and just one part of his brain is active. Will he save another disaster by finding the bomber? Is it possible to save the girl he is with? Or is he just living a shadow of the past?..

The Story reveals itself in a rapid pace from the beginning to the end. When he had fallen for the girl, I thought he would end up saving the girl. But there is an unexpected twist. With the concept of Parallel Universes and Quantum Physics, there is another realm of existence. A mind boggling unexpected climax!

The movie is gripping and will make you sit on the edge. Great execution by Duncan Jones. Jake Gyllenhaal has done exceedingly well as Colonel Colter Stevens. His acting during the last simulation of the source code, proves him as a matured actor. Michelle Monaghan as Christina and Vera Farmiga as Colleen Goodwin have done more than justice to their roles. Former being the innocent girl friend and the latter a sympathetic captain. For people who are sci-fi freaks, they would have guessed the way how story unfolds during the later part of the movie. But for an average movie buff, the story would unfold in a totally unexpected way. This is not another action movie,but an Intellectual Thriller!

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