Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Recap of my life.

     It is been a  really really long time since I posted an entry, and I can say for sure, without an iota of exaggeration, that it has been one heck of a roller coaster ride,since then. Started working on a job, transitioning from an irresponsible college student to responsible(hope so :P ) working professional.  Pressure to create that coveted first best impression that one imagines can set off the career. No more of classrooms and professors, just cubicles and mentors.
    Ecstatic delight on seeing the message "Your account XXXX has been credited Rs.yy,yyy". First salary gifts to mom and dad, making them proud. Pampering sister so much with gifts, which I never even imagined would happen.  And gifts to relatives, the official way of announcing, even I have started earning. Realizing the cliche "Learning has no end" can be quite painful, making you burn midnight oil when you have been dreaming of assignment free evenings.  Realizing that even I can work my ass off for 14 - 16 hours for days together (I literally heard my lazy bones crumbling :) ).  An extra free hour a day, became like a search for an Oasis in a big bad desert.  Understood what recognition and work-satisfaction meant. Got Inspired by absolute geniuses.

    An outing to Central Mall, and eating unlimited pizzas with various clever strategies(even Dhoni can't make such strategies in this turf), making the US pizza management to regret for introducing such daring offers, could be immense fun. Occasional visits from friends from other cities. (Now I have friends from almost all major Indian IT cities, boastful of it :P ) .  

     Never realized that folks around me believed in so much of Astrology. Irrespective of whether one is a well-educated have-seen-a-lot Scientist or a young high-techie successful yet-to-see-a-lot youth or a well-established renowned have-seen-some not-a-graduate businessman, everybody succumb to this powerful visceral force giving a toss for intellect. Sometimes, even got me wondering how valid horoscope and astrology is.  
     Learnt to comprehend kannada. Tried stuff which conventional blokes (most of my friends) would  consider as sin (shhh!! secret :P ).  Tried various adventure sports and got that adrenaline rush (thinking of a post soon on this,exclusively :) ). Lost some loved ones due to mistakes which I still debate to myself whether they are mistakes. Gained new pals, from the most unexpected scenarios and also gained some couple of pounds (always working on it, never ending process :P).

     Experienced the Alchemist Theory "If you strongly desire something with your heart, the whole world conspires to fulfill your desire".  Understood how time can test you patience, when you are ultimately desperate. Understood that things doesn't work out always the way we want, irrespective of how perfect the situations are in. And irrespective of how bad things go wrong, there is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds.

     Life has been crazy. Life has been fun.  Though it has been a turmoil of  low tides and high tides, life has been constantly going upstream. More importantly, I have LIVED LIFE !!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Am Number Four (2011) - Imdb Review #205

Reminds me of Twilight and Super man and other movies, but tries to make up with fast pace and action sequences.

Rating: 5/10

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is about a teen who is always on the run, suddenly discovering his inner potentials. He and his guardian are always on the run because some bad guys are hunting all the them, "The gifted nine". Already three down, and he is number four.

In the initial part of the movie, he discovers his super powers. The scenes resembled like any other super hero movie, like Super man ,Spider man or Fantastic four. No big difference. The Experiments with his newly gained powers in the wild and typical initial hiccups in controlling the power, these are no different from the age old super hero movies, still , it was interesting.

And the movie as overall, reminds me of Twilight, though not as boring like as Twilight. The Small town, the rainy climate, the wilderness , the good old trucks and the nosy sheriff and the human girlfriend - no different from Twilight. And the big lizard creature, I remember seeing similar ones in Underworld and the big bull dog, reminded me of Harry potter.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Source Code 2011 - Imdb Review #245

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rating - 9/10

I heard about this movie as a good one from a friend and decided to give it a watch. I thought it would be just another action movie with some computers stuff involved,obviously judging by the name of the movie. The movie starts out with Jake Gyllenhal as Colonel Colter Stevens, being in a Chicago commuter train. He is not sure of how he came there and he does not recognize the girl talking to him. Soon to his astonishment, he finds that he is living as someone other person. Before he understands anything, the train blows up and he finds himself in a pod. And he is being briefed that he was in a mission and he needs to undergo the same till he finds the bomber, so that he can stop yet another explosion in the REAL WORLD!

So, what world is he in? Is he alive? There pops numerous questions in his mind. And he finds that Captain who is briefing him is reluctant to give answers that he needs. Source code, the artificial world he is in, comes from the concepts of Quantum physics and parallel universe theory. He is living the last eight minutes of a guy who died in the train accident already. Soon he realizes that he is already almost dead and just one part of his brain is active. Will he save another disaster by finding the bomber? Is it possible to save the girl he is with? Or is he just living a shadow of the past?..