Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Am Number Four (2011) - Imdb Review #205

Reminds me of Twilight and Super man and other movies, but tries to make up with fast pace and action sequences.

Rating: 5/10

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is about a teen who is always on the run, suddenly discovering his inner potentials. He and his guardian are always on the run because some bad guys are hunting all the them, "The gifted nine". Already three down, and he is number four.

In the initial part of the movie, he discovers his super powers. The scenes resembled like any other super hero movie, like Super man ,Spider man or Fantastic four. No big difference. The Experiments with his newly gained powers in the wild and typical initial hiccups in controlling the power, these are no different from the age old super hero movies, still , it was interesting.

And the movie as overall, reminds me of Twilight, though not as boring like as Twilight. The Small town, the rainy climate, the wilderness , the good old trucks and the nosy sheriff and the human girlfriend - no different from Twilight. And the big lizard creature, I remember seeing similar ones in Underworld and the big bull dog, reminded me of Harry potter.

Acting does not have much scope in the movie and the actors have delivered what was required. Alex Pettyfer, with his ruffled hair and toned body, suits the role perfectly. Timothy Olyphant has to be notified for his performance as the guardian "Henri". I expected more from the "Girlfriend" of the super hero. Dianna Agron could have done much better, the same way Kristen Stewart could have done in Twilight series. The Stunts and special effects are good involving laser guns and super hero powers. And the music exceeds expectations. It adds a lot of strength to the movie. Zac Brown Band feat. AlanJackson should be lauded.

There is no big story line as such. Villains chasing till the end, and hero escapes. No big mind-boggling twists or no sudden shocks for the viewers. Only thing that made me curious was about the dog and the girl tracking him. D.J. Caruso, after giving a movie like Disturbia, should have done better. And as per my hunch,they turned out to be good people. After all, hero would need some good guys on his side, right? Lol... This movie is made with the sequels in mind. So, literally nothing significant happens in the whole movie except for Henri's death. At least we will expect the story to unfold interestingly in the upcoming sequels. After being impressed with the cool title "I am number four" and after watching an ultra-cool trailer, I was expecting a lot and it was disappointing. Watch the movie without any expectations and this movie is may be a once-watch worth.

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